Floristry that makes the difference

Diversity at a glance

Whether a sophisticated table composition, creative birthday present or hair ornament, nothing should be left to chance. Bernadett's creations reflect the customer's vision and her 25 years of experience.

Stylish bouquets

... allow us to surprise you

Weddings and special occasions

Yes, I do!
Nothing can exceed a statement like this...or maybe it can? Bernadett always gives her best with her ideas to make your big day decisively intimate and personal.
A wedding often involves a great deal of effort, but with La Fleura's florist's studio, you are in the best of hands and will be given an all-round direction for all your concerns.With pleasure, Bernadett shares her knowledge and important contacts with you. No matter if you are looking for the location, accommodation, photographers, stylists or the confectioner of her confidence.
You can always rely on her!

Furnishing and decoration

Bernadett firmly believes that the right decoration not only makes a room more vivid but also enhances your well-being. In this way, one's creativity develops over and over again, without losing sight of the overall concept. Potted plants, dried flower arrangements and playful creations add a fresh, sophisticated touch to the familiar, and new components skillfully complete the feeling of space.
It is time to rediscover your premises!

Funeral floristry

Flowers can be comforting. We take sympathy.

Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers. It was just perfect and exactly as we imagined.

Everything you have done for us from the beginning has been realized with great attention to detail. It was just fantastic. We were very satisfied. Our ideas were implemented in exactly the same way, if not exceeded.